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Adobe says goodbye to Flash for mobile platforms

Adobe product management team has sent a briefing to Adobe's partners describing the future direction of the development for multi-platform mobile application development tools.

From the security point of view, the biggest and the most welcome news is the announcement of the end of the development of Adobe Flash player for mobile platforms, except for critical security and bug fixes.

Unfortunately, even if the death of Flash for mobile platforms is imminent, Flash for desktop platforms is still very much alive. Adobe Flash vulnerabilities, together with Java virtual machine and Adobe Reader vulnerabilities, have been the most common causes for drive-by download malware infections.

It is yet uncertain what is the future of Flash on desktop, but let us hope that the widespread acceptance of HTML5 will drive Adobe in the right direction of killing Flash players on all remaining platforms.

The move comes after a pressure by iPhone and iPad users which have been frustrated by not being able to access websites built in Flash since Apple announced its decision to exclude Flash support from iOS based devices.
Was Steve Jobs right about Flash after all?

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