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(Update) Lots Of Antivirus 2011

askum ALL.,.,. Bigsmile

Belom berakhir tahun 2010 perkembangan antivirus sudah ke arah tahun 2011
bahkan ada beberapa brand antivirus yang sudah ber licence sampai dengan tahun 2014.
Untuk itu Thread ini dibuat sebagai share dari berbagai macam Antivirus yang anda pakai.
silahkan agan2 yang ingin berbagi brand antivirus, review dan trik serta tipsnya disini !!!


1. BitDefender AntiVirus Pro 2011

BitDefender AntiVirus Pro 2011 Build | 245/284 MB
BitDefender Antivirus Pro 2011 Professional antivirus program with features designed for your computer more secure. The program provides advanced proactive protection against viruses, spyware, phishing attacks and identity theft, without slowing down your computer.The new version of antivirus BitDefender Antivirus Pro 2011 extended features fast scanning, access to training videos, the output of intelligent tooltips, creating shortcuts on the toolbar, warning about the potential dangers of pages displayed in search results.





2. Norton Internet Security 2010 OEM + Trial Reset


3. NOD32 Antivirus

ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4 is the most effective protection you can find to combat today's huge volumes of Internet and email threats. It provides comprehensive antivirus and antispyware protection without affecting your computer's performance. Using advanced ThreatSense® technology, ESET NOD32 Antivirus proactively protects you from new attacks, even during the critical first hours when other vendors' products aren't aware the attack even exists. ESET NOD32 Antivirus detects and disables both known and unknown viruses, trojans,
worms, adware, spyware, rootkits and other Internet threats. ESET NOD32 Antivirus is also one of the fastest antivirus solutions, so fast you won't even notice it running. And it's both incredibly easy to use yet simple to tailor for your specific needs.

ESET NOD32 Antivirus combines powerful management tools, ease of use for end users, impressive performance, and state-of-the-art proactive threat detection. It is the effective antivirus protection for your business' valuable data assets while ensuring regulatory compliance. The Business Edition of ESET NOD32 Antivirus includes all the features and benefits described above, but has additional functionality and flexibility that every growing business requires.

Usability Improvements For administrators, version 4 offers:
» License Manager with simplified tools to manage multiple licenses with different terms
» Read-only access for Management Console which enables multiple administrators to share tasks without risk of overwriting configurations
» Notification Manager to keep administrators informed of all key events with customizable alerts
» Full support of Cisco Network Admission Control (NAC) compliance initiatives
» More efficient use of network bandwidth and improved log storage scalability
» Advanced Protection status screen that informs you of threat detections
» Password protection that prevents ESET NOD32 Antivirus from being uninstalled by unauthorized employees or visitors

SET NOD32 Antivirus Home Edition 4.0.437 Final X32
Size : 34 MB
--> http://www.easy-share.com/1905290404/ESE....32bit.rar
--> http://hotfile.com/dl/3285671/7c3bb5d/ES...t.rar.html

ESET NOD32 Antivirus Business Edition 4.0.437 Final X32
Size : 34 MB
--> http://hotfile.com/dl/3285365/d073446/ES...t.rar.html
--> http://www.easy-share.com/1905290402/ESE....32bit.rar

ESET NOD32 Antivirus Business Edition 4.0.437 Final x64
Size : 37 MB
--> http://www.easy-share.com/1905290403/ESE....64bit.rar
--> http://hotfile.com/dl/3285543/bf038b3/ES...t.rar.html

ESET NOD32 4.2.58 Home Edition

4. McAfee VirusScan Enterprise v8.7i with Patch 4 Multilingual Retail

Proactively stops and removes malicious software, extends coverage against new security risks, and reduces the cost of responding to outbreaks. Enterprises cannot afford to wait for every threat to be identified and a signature file to be released. The time between attack and subsequent identification is critical, and the shorter, the better. It is better yet if your protection technology identifies new, unknown threats. By blending advanced anti-virus, firewall, and intrusion prevention technologies, VirusScan Enterprise covers a broad range of threats. With advanced heuristics and generic detection it finds even new, unknown viruses, even hidden in compressed files. McAfee VirusScan Enterprise looks for exploits known to target Microsoft applications and services and will identify and block threats that take advantage of JavaScript and VisualBasic coding.

Cover all the bases
Defend against threats that target Microsoft
Curb outbreak damage
Scans memory for malicious code
Protect email programs
Keep script-type threats at bay
Optimize updating for remote systems
Lock down files
Advanced rootkit detection


5. KIS 2011

Kaspersky Internet Security adalah anti virus yang handal dan ampuh sehingga banyak digunakan oleh para pengguna internet.

Penjelasan detail serta link downloadnya bisa didapat di sini :


Naaah ... untuk mendapatkan yang Full Version selama 3700 hari, gunakan aktifator di link download :


Alternatif link download untuk activatornya : 1,23 MB


semoga bermanfaat bagi agan2 semua Bigsmile

waskum dlu ea.,.,.,. Ngakak

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