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NSS Labs offers reward money for fresh exploits

The company has set aside $4,400 for rewards for working exploits for 12 vulnerabilities

NSS Labs is sweetening the pot for its ExploitHub marketplace by offering rewards to security gurus who can write working exploits for a dozen "high-value" vulnerabilities.

The company, which has set aside $4,400 in reward money, plans to give $100 to $500 to the first people to submit a working exploit for the vulnerabilities. Ten of the vulnerabilities concern Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser, and two were found in Adobe's Flash multimedia program.

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The exploits must be client-side remote exploits that can result in code execution. Proof-of-concept code and denial-of-service conditions do not qualify. NSS Labs will pay the developer with American Express gift cards. Residents from countries that the U.S. has a standing embargo against are not allowed to participate.

NSS Labs said that those who win can then sell their exploits on ExploitHub, a marketplace the company set up for penetration testers to acquire exploits to test against their infrastructure. ExploitHub was set up to help with the development of penetration testing tools and to assist computer security researchers.

Those who write the winning exploits may then sell their code on ExploitHub, with NSS Labs taking a 30 percent commission. Penetration testers can also make requests via the marketplace for exploits for specific vulnerabilities. Those who want to buy exploits are vetted by NSS Labs to ensure the marketplace is not abused.

ExploitHub also only sells exploits for vulnerabilities that have been patched and does not host ones for zero-day vulnerabilities. The vulnerabilities that NSS Labs is offering the reward for are:
  1. CVE-2011-1256: Microsoft Internet Explorer CElement Memory Corruption
  2. CVE-2011-1266: Microsoft Internet Explorer VML vgx.dll Use After Free
  3. CVE-2011-1261: Microsoft Internet Explorer selection.empty Use After Free
  4. CVE-2011-1262: Microsoft Internet Explorer Redirect Memory Corruption
  5. CVE-2011-1963: Microsoft Internet Explorer XSLT Memory Corruption
  6. CVE-2011-1964: Microsoft Internet Explorer Style Object Memory Corruption
  7. CVE-2011-0094: Microsoft Internet Explorer CSS Use After Free Memory Corruption
  8. CVE-2011-0038: Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 IESHIMS.DLL Insecure Library Loading
  9. CVE-2011-0035: Microsoft Internet Explorer Deleted Data Source Object Memory Corruption
  10. CVE-2010-3346: Microsoft Internet Explorer HTML Time Element Memory Corruption
  11. CVE-2011-2110: Adobe Flash Player ActionScript Function Variable Arguments Information
  12. CVE-2011-0628: Adobe Flash Player Remote Integer Overflow Code Execution

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