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Diy Non-Destructive Entry At Defcon 19 [video]

Description: Ever leave the house without your picks only to find yourself in a situation where you desperately need them? Well, never fear! I'm going to explain how to open everything from cars, to briefcases to safes with objects as common as popsicle sticks and unconventional as palm sanders. Every attack will be fully explained so you understand the underlying mechanisms and how we are taking advantage of mechanical tolerances and design flaws to own these locks.

Schuyler Towne toes a strict ethical line when it comes to lockpicking, but lives a rich fantasy life where he is a lockpicking rogue stealing from the mansions of rich Italians and giving their valuables to the poor. By day he is a socialite who often helps the local constable solve crimes, but by night he is the man who robs the robber barons! This is all much more glamorous than reality, where Schuyler spends most of his days getting giddy about 19th century lock patents and annoying his friends by fondling their keys.

nb : securitytube

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