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McAfee Delivers Comprehensive Protection for Mobile Devices

Just when you were starting to get ahead of the curve when it comes to locking down the network and protecting PCs, everything went mobile. Not just laptops--but tablets, and smartphones that run unique operating systems and applications on completely different hardware. To help you combat the dramatic rise in mobile security threats, McAfee has developed Enterprise Mobility Management.

Smartphones and tablets have enjoyed some degree of security by obscurity. Although it has always been theoretically possible to hack or compromise mobile devices one way or another, the incentive wasn't there. But, with smartphones and tablets storing 32GB, 64GB or more of data, and providing access to sensitive resources, malware developers are paying more attention.

McAfee EMM takes a three-pronged approach to protecting mobile devices and data.The nascent nature of mobile device hardware and software, though, make it new territory for you to wrestle with and try to protect. As if that isn't enough, the very point of mobile devices is to be mobile--so there is no pretense of a "perimeter" to hide inside. These devices are out there roaming about, and you need tools to protect the information they contain.

Another challenge you face is the sheer diversity of platforms. Businesses typically have some degree of standardization when it comes to PC hardware, operating system, Web browser, and installed software. But, with mobile devices you might be dealing with iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and more--plus the diversity of hardware and apps that come with each mobile platform.

McAfee Enterprise Mobility Management"Mobile device adoption is exploding, and unfortunately, so are the threats targeting mobile platforms. If McAfee’s historical experience analyzing threats on numerous platforms is any indication, we believe that the emerging mobile malware we are seeing today is just the beginning," said John Dasher, senior director, mobile security for McAfee. "It’s a whole new world, and a challenge for IT to craft security policies that make sense while updating their infrastructure. At McAfee, we’re working hard to create new technology to help enterprises address the challenge of securely incorporating these new mobile platforms into their environment."

McAfee Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) uses a three-pronged approach to mobile security--protecting the device itself, the data it contains, and the apps that run on it. The device protection brings the familiar controls and security measures from McAfee desktop security solutions and applies it to mobile devices. The device protection also includes VirusScan Mobile to guard against malware, and McAfee Site Advisor to protect mobile devices from malicious websites and phishing attacks.

McAfee EMM has data leak prevention controls. McAfee claims that data remains protected even on jailbroken or rooted devices. The data protection measures also include remote backup, lock, and wipe functionality to protect data if the device is lost or stolen, and McAfee is working on additional controls to separate business data from personal data.

The apps that run on these mobile devices can be a security threat in and of itself. Some platforms are more susceptible than others to rogue, malicious apps. The McAfee EMM app protection includes McAfee App Alert which lets users know how they apps are accessing or using personal data. McAfee is also expanding the Global Threat Intelligence network to include mobile app reputation services to help identify potentially malicious apps.

Mobile threats will continue to escalate and proliferate, so the sooner you get a security framework in place to protect your mobile devices and the data they contain, the better. Visit McAfee Mobile Security Solutions for more details on Enterprise Mobility Management.

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