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SSCC 73 - Patch Tuesday, UBS, SpyEye, Twit.tv and Windows 8

Sophos Security Chet Chat logoI was very happy to have Paul Ducklin, Sophos's Head of Technology, Asia Pacific, as my guest again this week.

Paul joined me amidst what he referred to as a Denial of Service (DoS) attack at the security checkpoint of Sydney airport.

Paul shared his thoughts on the September 2011 Patch Tuesday release from Microsoft and Adobe (Hint: if you have to prioritize, start with Adobe.)

We chatted a bit about the guy who lost more than £2.3 billion as a trader for UBS bank. If they can't keep track of £2.3 billion, are they taking proper care of our personally identifiable information?

It appears SpyEye is following in the Zeus bot's footsteps and is beginning to target mobile banking users on Android who use their phone as a second factor for authentication. Paul explains the social engineering aspects of this malware.
One of the most popular tech podcast/vodcast sites, Twit.tv, run by Leo LaPorte was hacked this week. The malware targeted unpatched versions of Adobe Reader and Java. Remember, there is no such thing as safe surfing.

I asked Paul what he thought about the news that Microsoft will be including a free unmanaged anti-virus program in Windows 8.

He talked a bit about patching in general, and was upbeat that users who care to keep themselves up to date could definitely benefit.

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