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OllyDbg 2.01 alpha 4 released

Other new features in this version:

  • - Patch manager, similar to 1.10
  • - Shortcut editor, supports weird things like Ctrl+Win+$ etc. Now you can customize and share your shortcuts. I haven't tested it on Win7, please report any found bugs and incompatibilities!
  • - Instant .udd file loading. In the previous versions I've postponed analysis, respectivcely reading of the .udd file till the moment when all external links are resolved. But sometimes it took plenty of time, module started execution and was unable to break on the breakpoints placed in the DLL initialization routine
  • - Automatic search for the SFX entry point, very raw and works only with several packers. Should be significantly more reliable than 1.10. If you tried it on some SFX and OllyDbg was unable to find real entry, please send me, if possible, the link or executable for analysis!
  • - "Go to" dialog lists of matching names in all modules
  • - Logging breakpoints can protocol multiple expressions. Here is an example: I ask OllyDbg to protocol the contents of EAX, EBX and 4 memory doublewords starting at address ESP. Expressions must be separated by commas, repeat count has form SIZE*N, N=1..32:
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