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==What is the issue at hand?==
Facebook is sharing information with law enforcement and companies. These companies sell your information to your employers, sharing your private life with anyone who has the money to buy the information.

==What is the goal you want to reach, what do you want to do about it eventually?==
Expose Facebook's crimes  to as many people as possible.
Hurt Facebook as much as possible in as many ways as we can scheme up.
Be sure they know WHY we are 'hurting' them.
Be sure the public know WHY, so that we don't look like internet thugs.
AT THIS STAGE, IT IS PRIMARILY AN AWARENESS CAMPAIGN! We are NOT taking FB offline, for practical and political purposes.

==What methods could be used to achieve that goal?==
Make this go VIRAL. A YouTube video of a cat can get millions of views in a day, so why can't a real issue like this?
Go out on the day (or a couple days earlier) and use Firesheep to grab as many cookies as you can. On the day, use them to spread the word and such.
Stick some posters all around that planet... Put em' anywhere we may...
Begin to get media attention.
Mass fake profiles.
Memes that mock Facebook.
Spreading info about their bad practices.
Hack admin?
Social engineering.
Unequivocal examples that show data of accounts are still availlable on Facebook's servers.
Wikileaks style website with deleted data of accounts available and or emails sent to usernames' email with said data.
show every facebook user seperatly which data from himself is traded from facebook to other companies

==What resources are needed to use these methods?==
Media attention.
YouTube, Twtter, Google+, Reddit.
People to spread links by hand across the web on news site comments, etc.
A go-to place for information/updates/mission, etc.
Infection on people's walls.

 What is the amount of people that would be ideal for this? More is not always better!
203? agreed. we want a small number who are well equipped.

==Reasons for taking on facebook:==
Facebook is now the largest database of people on the planet.  This data is made available to law enforcement and companies.
Private data is not well protected and can be easily stolen.
Facebook does not respect privacy by keeping and selling all private content posted on its platform.
Aplications can acess your profile.
Information on one's profile is still Facebook's property even after profile deactivation.
Facebook is building a 'second web' (citation?) under their exclusive control.
Facebook can be used to steal from people, hurt them, and manipulate them.
With an attack, we can ingest social networks to keep data private and secure.
Massive media attention that we (Anonymous) can do anything (can we?)
-    Above all, supply proof against Facebook.

Create loads of propaganda images and text, which explains WHY
After all, you want to convince people.  Facebook is international; propaganda must be translated to the world's major languages.

==Poster for boycotting: ==

Anti-FB meme's: http://sickfacebook.com/wp-content/uploads/facebook-bringing-friends-together.jpg


Anti-FB clothing: http://www.bitterminion.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/die-facebook-die-t-shirt.jpg

==Dates of attacks:==
STARTING ON Nov 5th 2011


OpFaceBook video:


Privacy Policy:


(notice that you only agree to have your data shared with apps you approve, or if there is a legal requirement (court order, etc.), they say NOTHING of selling your information, but do it anyway)



August 1, 2011   Botnet could steal data via Facebook photos :




Companies selling your information:


Cracking/hacking tuts (only for the already mildly knowledgeable):


nb : Anonymous

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